Indiana Business Railroad

Tom Aker, P. E.

Vice President - Mechanical

​​Tom Aker went to work for the Norfolk and Western in December 1962 loading mail into passenger cars at the station in Roanoke, VA. While in college at Virginia Tech,  Tom was hired as a Shop Inspector in Roanoke Shops in December 1963, and granted a leave of absence until he graduated in June 1964 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Commission in the US Army Transportation Corps. Tom served 2 years, 1 year in Vietnam as a Stevedore Officer, the remaining time as Engine House Foreman in the Rail Operating Battalion at Fort Eustis. Tom returned to N&W in April 1967 and was Supervisor of Intermodal Maintenance and Design, involved in developing the intermodal double stack cars. In 1982, after the Southern/N&W merger, Tom was promoted to Assistant Manager Intermodal Maintenance for the consolidated NS system. In 1993, Tom was promoted to Assistant Manager Car Design, and continued work with the AAR on intermodal double stack cars and extending the operational service life of the NS coal hopper/gondola fleet. Tom retired in February 2000 and has continued to work as a consultant in Intermodal Mechanical and Short Line areas. Tom served on AAR Mechanical Committees for over 20 years and is a Member of the AAR.